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There is no doubt that the Corona Virus is spreading fear amongst everyone. This has an inevitable impact on business and how the economy will perform over the coming weeks and possibly months. A number of our clients are talking to us about how to create marketing solutions to mitigate the challenges posed by the spreading of Covid-19 while continuing ‘business as usual’. We’ve come up with a few contact free methods of promoting property to your market.

Digital marketing is one of the primary solutions to the current Covid-19 crisis. Make sure that your digital marketing is virus free with a few of the following ideas:

Marketing Via Video

Why not present your scheme to potential customers using video.  There are a number of video calls which are almost as good as meeting customers in person. You can share documents and information while simultaneously having a meaningful and personal discussion. Tools like Zoom and loom provide great ways of presenting and we can come up with presentations to share on screen to support your discussions.


We are working with clients to create webinars to promote to the Far East and other markets while they are in shut down for investor stock. This channel provides a face to face and interactive experience, effectively a digital presentation / exhibition. Why not set up your first investor webinar with us today.

Walk Rounds

You could take the opportunity to prepare video walk throughs or walk rounds of currently constructed show homes or even homes under construction in order to allow customers to view a property remotely. This will allow you to progress the customer along the sales process to make plot specific decisions despite sites being in close down.

Digital Advertising

With people likely to be minimising social contact over the coming weeks, it is less likely that outdoor advertising and advertising in non-digital publications will return. Digital advertising during this period provides and excellent method of reaching customers who are stuck at home. This also makes them more likely to be consuming digital media more vehemently.


There are also many other mechanisms that we are creating in order to support remote sales and marketing. Talk to us to create a bespoke solution for your scheme or business.

New marketing suite at Chapel Gate, Netherhampton

New marketing suite at Chapel Gate, Netherhampton

We recently had the privilege of working on a project in Netherhampton at the Chapel Gate site. We designed and fitted the marketing suite, produced the marketing material and was lucky enough to install it ourselves this month. It’s one of the best parts of our job knowing we will see the project out from beginning to end! Our install team were on site making sure all of the finishing touches were top notch!