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There is no doubt that marketing has become challenging during lockdown and that to thrive digital is the new shopfront. We have been crafting a range of digital solutions to help customers reach their customers who are locked down and effectively funnel them through the sales process.

1. Virtual Property Tours

With people unable to take part in face-to-face activities, face-to-face viewings are not to be encouraged unless you have serious buyers who have already reached a certain stage in the sales process. The showcase your homes, we offer two styles of virtual property tours. The first is a tour that is generated from your existing homes or marketing suite that can be used to show an actual existing unit. The second is an entirely CGI based tour or flythrough created from a virtually modelled copy of a new homes. A combination of both can also be used if there is a show home at a new homes scheme. Virtual property tours enable your customer to visualise the properties and decide whether to proceed with a face-to-face viewing or site visit or even move straight forward to make you an offer.

2. Don’t socially distance

While social distancing in person is imperative, you don’t want your business to be socially distant online. Creating and maintaining a social PR and advertising presence can help you deliver customer care, build your brand and story and generate leads. People are spending more and more time on social networks as they are stuck at home. We create effective solutions for social networks on a variety of platforms from Facebook and Instagram through to Linkedin and Snapchat. Choose the right platforms for your target market and social channels provide an excellent way to talk to existing customers as well as attract new and like-minded customers.

3. Online Presentations

In the past sales professionals would encourage customers to visit their marketing suite and would then utilise the face-to-face opportunity to sell to the customer and show them the various supporting materials to help them narrow down a property selection and close out sales. In today’s market, reduced opportunities for face-to-face contact mean that an alternative is needed. Having effective and online friendly presentations and materials to showcase new homes schemes helps your sales team to leverage online conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to showcase your scheme over the computer instead of face-to-face while still providing a version of face-to-face time with your customers. Online presentations need to be legible and to map the sales process that you’d follow in a marketing suite.

4. Website

You can’t afford not to have a website in today’s digital world. Your website is your digital shop window in the absence of your real shop window. You should treat it in the same way with a beautiful opening window display, a clear layout and structure and an obviously place to get further customer service. We create bespoke websites designed to funnel customers and make sure that they can find the information that they need to make a decision about your scheme and to contact you for the next steps.

5. Your Online Billboard

With less traffic on the road, site signage and hoarding and roadside advertising is not yielding as abundant volume of enquiries as it might have done in the past. Indeed, our clients are reporting a decrease in enquiries from hoarding and site signage. Part of this reduction may be an appointment only policy for many marketing suites to meet government guidelines as well. Online targeting still allows you to collect some of the traffic that would otherwise be in the vicinity of your scheme or intended signage locations. There is also the further benefit that you can serve up personalised messaging to these people. A combination of SEO, SEM and programmatic banner-based advertising can support your lead generation and help potential customers become aware of your product.

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