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It can be difficult for customers of new homes schemes to visualise the properties on offer and the overall scheme when its finished. They may be able to see a show home and walk the site, but that is no substitute for seeing their actual property laid out and an overall impression of the scheme. This can allow your customer to imagine living in a particular home at the scheme as well as how they would interact with the wider development and potential new neighbours.

So how do CGIs help you sell? Find out what impact CGI imagery and flythrough can have in improving sales conversions for new homes and why the quality of your CGI assets is critical.

1. It’s Just a Field

Have you ever stood with a customer on a site when there is nothing there but a field and maybe a coming soon sign? You can’t blame your customer for wondering how the field in front of their eyes is going to become the incredible development you’re explaining to them. A CGI or Flythrough provides a great way of showing the customer the entire development concept so that they stop seeing it as just a field and start seeing the vision that will in time become the reality. This means that they can buy into the lifestyle and product that is being offered instead of just buying a piece of a field.

2. Seeing is Believing

Still CGIs of units and interiors really help customers understand what is being offered to them. Having discovered the scheme is not just a field, they want to next discover that the property they are considering is not just a floor plan. CGIs can help them understand how spaces can be used, how it might be dressed, and even just simply how the front or back of their house would look. Once they are able to picture this, they are far more likely to proceed with purchase or meetings with your sales team depending on what stage of the sales process they have reached.

3. Move Around a Space

CGI Flythroughs offer a further benefit above and beyond still CGI images, although both play a part in a marketing solution for new homes. Flythroughs allow your customers to imagine themselves moving within a space. Subject to budget an interactive CGI Flythrough can give your customer even more control allowing them to take their own journey through the spaces within the scheme or property and allowing them to ponder themselves in that space and how they might sit in a reading nook or cook at the kitchen island or have friends around the dining table.

4. Quality is Key

CGIs and flythroughs come in a range of qualities. You can buy budget CGIs, but often the finishing quality and texturing doesn’t do justice to your product. You really want pin crisp, textured ultra realistic images that pop off the page. Detail is key in quality images and you can really see the difference between images with good detail and without. For marketing purposes therefore quality is essential even though some more simplistic CGI outputs may have been sufficient for planning and design work.

5. Multi-use assets

CGIs and Flythrough are not simply stand alone. They can be used as assets to support your wider marketing. They can be effectively used in brochures, on property portals, site hoarding and in so many other ways. Their flexibility means that you get a huge amount of use out of them. They are also easy to update and you can then make use of them throughout the lifespan of the scheme.

Get CGIs to sell my Scheme!

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