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Generating leads for new homes can be a challenge. You are competing with a plethora of estate agents, second homes and other developers in the local area. Check out our top five lead generation marketing tips to help you grab potential clients.

Tip 1: Calls to Action

Any marketing campaign needs a call to action. You can tell a customer about a product until you’re blue in the face, but if they don’t know what action to take to express an interest or secure more information they are unlikely to do so. It needs to be easy, straightforward and with minimal barriers to entry.

Tip 2: Portal Power

In today’s market, trying to market property without¬† being on one of the major property portals is pretty counter intuitive, but with all the noise of properties on the property portals you need to stand out from the crowd. Check out our article about making the most of listing on Rightmove.

Tip 3: Focus on the New Homes Niche

Buying a new home offers a number of benefits that are not available to those who buy second hand properties, from Help to Buy to various other incentives. Choose your incentives well and shout about them – many buyers are unaware of the benefits of buying off plan over an existing home.

Tip 4: Go Geo

Any new homes scheme will typically have a geographically defined target market. Instead of trying to be all things to all men and reach the Outer Hebrides, focus on the locales who are likely to buy your homes. If you are a first home product focus on the local area and people who are likely to upscale or downscale into your product or people who may work within commuter distance. Digital solutions are one way to do this by utilising targetting options to drill down and message people in specific areas, however, door to door or hand to hand mailings can provide a more tangible method to reach people in a geographical area. Combined the online and offline solutions create a fantastic net to capture leads.

Tip 5: Get Personal

Serving up relevant and personalised content is increasingly important in today’s market. People have come to expect to receive content that matches their preferences and interests. Adverts and promotions that are targetted to specific groups of people with messages designed to address their pain points or appeal to their aspirational side are an incredibly powerful marketing tool.



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