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If you’re finding that your marketing isn’t working to support your lead generation and profiling goals, it may be that your brand identity and language isn’t matching your business. This leaves potential customers confused, unsure and less likely to engage with and work with you.

Having a mismatched brand and business drastically impacts the effectiveness of your marketing. Authenticity is key in today’s market place. So how can you make sure your brand and business are aligned.

1. Review your Product Offering

If you’re offering high end apartments with designer appliances, hand tufted carpets and Farrow and Ball paint then your branding and marketing needs to align with that product. On the other hand if you are targeting an entry level market where the specification of your homes is more modest (although lovely) your branding style should not imply it is a premium product, you’re just going to disappoint. Instead you can focus on the best bits of your product to become part of your brand identity.

But, what if you have a product that spans a number of different target markets and entry levels. You could take the corporate approach with a corporate brand and then sub-brands for your product or look for a mid-level branding solution that works as a catch all.

So, make sure that you really understand what you’re offering and who your target market is for that product. From there you can establish how you should be talking to and engaging with your market.

2. Define your Personality

Defining your business personality is something that marketing teams rarely find the time to do. However, defining your personality helps to ensure consistency across your product, brand and customer experience. 

Are you fun, serious, corporate, altruistic, innovative, calm, surprising, magical, secretive, exclusive, happy, knowledgeable?  Having a clear idea of your brand personality and making sure that everything you are working on fits that personality is a great check and measure to create consistency within your business.

3. Check your Customer Experience

Does your product and customer service experience match? Not only does your marketing need to reflect your product, but your customer service approach does as well.

Your customer experience should correlate to your product and your business personality. If you’re personality is magical for example, your customer service needs to leave people wowed and content. It’s about the whole package.

4. Review your Brand Visual Style

Your brand visual style is comprised of your logo and all your visual assets from imagery through to colours and fonts. If your brand style is very corporate but you’ve defined your business as having a ‘fun’ personality, you might need to take a long look in the mirror to make sure that your visual style is also fun. Your visual brand is often peoples first experience of your business – as they interact with you, the impression that it has created should not be a surprise to them.

5. Check your Brand Messaging

Like your visual brand, your messaging should also reflect your product and personality. If you’ve a premium product but are heavily promoting 50% off sales or other discounting you may be de-valuing your product in the eyes of your customers. Let’s be honest, there is a certain furniture shop who does this and shall remain nameless. Everyone knows that their sales prices are just the prices and you’d be a fool to buy anything from them when a sale isn’t on! This makes their promotion unauthentic.

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