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Marketing suites are often the first place where customers have the opportunity for face-to-face contact with your sales team. Making the right impression is critical.

We have expertise in designing marketing suites and show homes to put your customers at ease while simultaneously leaving them impressed.

Our team have created and implemented numerous marketing suites. From layout to furnishing, we consider the customer journey and your sales process to help you to maximise conversions. We create visually stunning, inspiring sales environments – with recessed lighting, laminate floors, full-height glazed walls and a host of other stylish interior and exterior options. The resulting suite can incorporate all the latest technology, including virtual tours and video presentations. Relocatable, portable or modular marketing suites can be taken with you from one housing development to the next.

Suites can be tailored to your individual needs, with sample rooms, mock-up living spaces, comfortable sales areas, offices, toilets, kitchenettes – and everything else your staff and customers need. Our suites provide a faster return on investment than traditional show homes – your suite can be sited as soon as you arrive on site, before any homes are built, so you can start promoting your new homes immediately. 

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