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House Marketing have created an impactful branding solution for construction company Xone Kontrol to show them as serious providers of construction services.

House Marketing have created a branding solution for Xone Kontrol designed to portray credibility, experience and knowledge in the construction work sector. Starting with creating a logo, we came up with a variety of design styles with a wide selection of colours and style options. All solutions were designed to appeal to the target market of construction services buyers and property development companies for mid to large development schemes. The client chose their preferred option and this was further developed into a final logo. 

Once the brand and logo solution were selected, we turned our attention to creation a suite of stationary including business cards and headed paper as well as an email signature solution.

We will be developing a simple entry level website for them over the coming months to provide them with an online presence. Watch this space for further information.

If you need a branding solution for your property business, drop our experts a line. We’d be happy to help.

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