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property photography and video

Strong photography can make or break a marketing campaign.

The photography that you use communicates in its own right. It is a reflection of your brand, your personality and your ethos. House Marketing specialise in the creative direction of photoshoots of properties and of model and local area shoots designed to showcase your product to its best advantage.

We create cohesive photography briefs with style guides which are then used by our range of photographers across the UK. Our team attend the shoot to ensure that the images taken will be fit for purpose.

Video is also an essential tool in any marketing campaign. In today’s digital world it is a form of media that cannot be ignored. It can be used to dramatically improve social marketing and is a quick and succinct way to deliver a message to your audience. We have created numerous videos for our clients for a range of purposes. Some clients are looking to showcase a lifestyle on offer, others to communicate the service they can offer, while others are looking to set out an investment proposition. We create video solutions designed to talk to your customer in a clear and effective manner.

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