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Steps Towards a Fool Proof

Digital Marketing Strategy

Many companies will fail when creating a digital marketing strategy. The reason is the same as skipping the instructions when setting up a new TV. You think you know better. Or the planning process turns into a major time investment that does not drive action.

You know your company best but there are rules to be observed. The solution is likely to be an integrated approach that uses a variety of strategies. And it’s worth bearing in mind that a ‘strategy’ will always be evolving, is never set in stone.

Your website is of course important, but it is only one part of the marketing process. If you haven’t already, make sure it conforms to smart phone screens.

Knowing your audience is the first step. You can check for active users in Google Analytics, but traffic alone isn’t valuable. Then you convert traffic to contacts. And when you convert contacts to customers you know you are attracting the right type of traffic.

It might go without saying but you don’t want to target everyone. Just focus on a group or groups of prospective customers, relevant to your product or company. Make it easy for these groups to find you – advertising, social and paid for, SEO, Adwords etc. Retargeting will allow you to show ads to your visitors after they have left your site. 

Email marketing is a great enhancement to your other marketing channels. It’s an extra touch point to remind customers of your brand. And since you can combine it with other media, it’s also one of the most integrated marketing methods.

For the overall picture there’s a little rule of thumb that in this context doesn’t refer to mobiles. You should set SMART growth goals:

Specific – Set specific numbers with deadlines. If a goal isn’t specific, it will rarely be achieved.

Measurable – Make sure that you have a way to track your goal. The data is there – so use it.

Attainable – Make sure your goal is possible by balancing optimism and enthusiasm with a good sprinkling of realism.

Relevant – Set goals that are relevant to your company’s business goals and your digital marketing strategy.

Time-based – Putting a time limit on your goals will allow you to benchmark progress. It also allows you to do a ‘what’s working / what isn’t’ review.

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