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Tip 11: Mobile to Face

Using social as a means to communicate in a non face to face way

Video, 360 Tours and CGI Flythroughs are a great tool to give your potential buyers a virtual house tour and sell a property development. The movement in these assets better engages audiences than still content.

Video content consumption has significantly increased in recent years and has become one of the most popular forms of media. It also allows us to leverage the increasing reliance on mobile devices for entertainment and information.

360 degree tours offer an alternative to traditional show home viewings and allows your buyer to take control of the camera without limits. These can be created using CGI or from a real filmed property.

Video can also be used to showcase and sell a local area and tell the story of a development.

Videos and 360 tours are great for use on social media platforms. They offer potential buyers an engaging way to experience a home before it is built. You can also access 360 videos and flythroughs from many different devices helping to leverage the power of mobile browsing.

Video marketing helps customers engage with you and your schemes, your audience is more likely to respond better to your marketing efforts if they can interact with what you are offering.

Get in touch to see how we could help you create video, flythroughs and 360 tours to promote your schemes today. ​

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