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Tip 12: Find your Social Group

How to choose the social networks that are right for your target market

When undertaking social marketing, your main aim is to reach your desired target market. In order to do this you need to interact with pages, websites and other clients in a similar industry to you. 

Facebook is typically a cross industry platform that aims to reach end consumers, however there are elements of business to business. Its targeting algorithms make it possible to specifically target certain groups. It’s audience is typically older than other social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is almost entirely business to business making it appropriate to gain brand recognition within your industry or if your business sells to other businesses. Learning who hangs out on the different social networks and what they are trying to do by using the networks is essential when choosing which social networks you will use.

On all social platforms as a business you should interact with pages that relate to your company. Finding companies that are similar to yours, or who have a similar target market can provide clues as to which social channels are the most effective for your business. You can do this by joining Facebook or LinkedIn groups, or following certain individuals and companies that are relevant to you. These are normally quite easy to find through using key words and the search tools across all social platforms.

Many social platforms also use hashtags. Using hashtags enables your posts to be discovered by those who are looking for what you are offering. On most social channels you are also able to follow hashtags, therefore keeping up to date with what other businesses in your sector are doing. 

When creating business social profiles rather than personal, you need to make sure that your tone of voice is a match to your brand and style. Your social channels should always appear professional. . This includes making sure your page is branded with your company logo and colours, including links to your website and other social pages and also offering a contact email or number for those viewing your social media to be able to get in touch. 

House Marketing can work with you to help you choose the most appropriate social networks to reach your target market. Get in touch to find out more. 

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