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Tip 13: Inform, Engage, Entertain

What to share on social

When using social platforms, it is important to understand what to share in order to inform, engage and entertain your audience. 

Your business’s social channels need to be relevant and regularly updated. Providing your audience with information that they will find helpful in combination with information about your products is essential. You should strike a balance between selling and educating to give followers genuine value. Your posts and interactions should also always reflect the personality of your business.

Leveraging current events can help generate traffic for your posts. A way to do this is to keep up with the national social events; these can range from the more serious events, such as World Mental Health day to the fun and silly events such as National Pets day, using these as hashtags will get your posts trending, therefore impacting your social reach. 

Engaging with your audience regarding the current pandemic Covid-19 is essential to keep relevant. Tell your customers what your business is doing to encourage engagement. 

You want your posts to be engaging and entertaining, making your posts and shares interesting to read and eye catching will catch your audience’s attention when they are scrolling through social media. You could also include polls or questionnaires to engage and interact with your audience, increasing your connection and response from your audience. You can use this information to understand what your followers want to see. You should also carefully monitor which of your posts get the most likes or shares to help better tailor future content. 

Your social following will not grow overnight, it is a slow and steady process. It is necessary to post regularly in order to get your page recognised. When your direct followers and connections like and share your posts this will appear on their followers and connections page. 

Talk to us about managing your social media posting and social listening. We have a number of packages available for different sizes of business.

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