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Tip 6: Tell your Story

Having a bold memorable logo is important. You have probably noticed that you can often recognise a company or product from just its logo, brand colours or strapline. A company’s logo is one of the most important marketing investments a business can make. When marketing remotely, this is all the more important as people can no longer form the face of your business.

When branding your company, a logo that is unique and original can help your business to stand out. An indelible logo will make a significant impact on the public perception of your company or product and help create a brand story for your business. Your logo is quite literally the face of your business and should reflect what your company stands for and offers. 

Once  your corporate branding is in place, you can ensure that any product or development branding uses your corporate guidelines to create a consistent story and company recognition.

At House Marketing, we provide full branding and logo design solutions. These can vary from rebranding a company completely to revisiting your existing logo. Get in touch to see how we could help you.

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