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House Marketing are experts in the creation of photo realistic computer generated images and architectural visualisations.

Computer generated images and video are valuable assets for any developers of off plan property or those promoting spaces that are not currently in their final state. It can be very difficult to imagine how a space or building will look until it has been built. Computer generated images, or CGIs allow customers to see the future space. This makes the sales process easier for off-plan sales teams or in the case of existing homes gives the opportunity to show possible use of space.

CGIs are also very useful as part of the development process and can enable architects, town planners and other key stakeholders to better understand the development proposition. By visualising the future build, it enables everyone to discuss a development with the same image in mind.

Our expert 3D visualisation team work from your architectural plans and specification to create accurate and realistic impressions of your development or space. We can also work to create conceptual images at early stages of development.

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