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Property developers have traditionally entrusted sales to agents in order to reduce their up front exposure to cost in exchange for a results driven cost. But is that really the best route? While agents provide a great supplement to your in-house sales team, creating and running your own lead generation marketing solutions gives you full control of the leads you generate and increases the likelihood of conversion.

It’s understandable really, agents are motivated by commission and so will take the easiest route to earn that commission. Even if a prospect has enquired about your scheme, the vast portfolios to which agents have access makes them more likely to sell the prospect another home on their books if they anticipate an easier sale. On the other hand, your in-house sales personnel know the scheme inside out and as a result are better positioned to close a sale.

So, how can you generate leads for your in-house sales teams?

House Marketing craft lead generation solutions for property developers leveraging a number of tools including the following.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing offers an exciting opportunity for many developers. Why? It is entirely measurable and immediate. Using highly tailored and personalised adverts can drive traffic to your website. You can target specific audiences by geography and demographic and even deliver content according to the search that someone has made.

Search engine marketing drives traffic to your website in order to convert on site. As a result web content must be relevant to the advert or listing that a prospect has engaged with in order to increase the likelihood of conversion and strong calls to action to capture prospects details are necessary. Google Pay per click is the primary method of search engine marketing and involves the creation of targetted ads to specific audiences with specific landing pages and conversion funnels.

Retargetting forms an essential part of search engine marketing. Using retargetting, you can re-approach people who have engaged with your marketing to serve up additional messages to push them to enquire. It’s well known that customers rarely enquire the first time they see a message, but with repeat exposure that the likelihood of securing a prospects contact information increases exponentially.

Additionally to paid advertising, SEO helps people to find your various website pages relating to a handful of carefully selected terms. It is achieved using a number of techniques including ensuring a fast website, carefully crafting the content to be relevant and valuable and maximising exposure through referral channels.

Social Media Marketing

There are 3.8 billion users of social media across the world as at the beginning of 2020. This is an increase of over 300 million from the sale platform, going to prove that social media is here to stay. The average person spends a little under 2.5 hours on social media every day. That provides a significant opportunity to get in front of people who should be interested in your message.

Social media marketing comprises a content approach fused with direct advertising. The content approach underpins your brand values and imparts information in support of your proposition while the advertising approach ensures that your messages reach a wider and targetted audience on your chosen social platforms. Advertising can be leveraged on platform to grow your social following as a long term approach, generate direct leads or push traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing serves as a great reminder to people that you’re out there, doing things . While enquiry volume isn’t what it used to be it enhances other parts of the marketing. Email marketing can also be highly targetted, using the information that you hold on your database to only deliver content that they will find relevant and valuable. If someone has enquired about your scheme in London, sending them information about your scheme in the Highlands hardly seems helpful, at least as a headline item. The benefit of email marketing is that it is trackable and you can easily see who of your database has interacted with the email that has been received and how. This provides and opportunity for your sales team to follow up by telephone or other methods or even to invite the prospect in for a viewing.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing still has a place in today’s marketing mix. In fact, as fewer people leverage its power, it almost has greater impact. Door to door deliveries of flyers with strong calls to action can leverage a great response and with careful use of promo codes or bespoke URLs you can measure their impact.


But, it doesn’t end at the enquiry. There are also a number of other tools that we employ in order to support the developers we work with in achieving optimum conversions. From creating carefully considered marketing suites designed around the customer journey through to interactive presentations and follow up marketing automation, we have the entire customer journey covered.

Are you ready to generate leads for your sales team?

Take back control of your sales. Get in touch and let us craft a lead generation solution for your business.

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