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What branding means in

today’s property industry

When the word ‘Brand’ is mentioned, most people will naturally think of names, logos and advertising. In the property industry in particular, this is over-simplifying. ‘Brand’ is a much broader concept and has a fundamental impact on every aspect of a business or development.

There are many research studies showing that brand leaders dominate their market, command premium prices, enjoy better profits and outperform their competitors. Brands can account for around 10-30% of the value of a company.

Smaller property developers are harnessing the power of branding to sell their properties – for good reason. Prospective buyers are getting savvier. They’re looking for unique developments that sell them a lifestyle as well as a home. They want more than just bricks and mortar – they want to know what it would feel like to live there. They want to experience the dream before they sign on the dotted line.

The importance of brand should never be underestimated. Here are just a few of the major benefits that a good, strong brand can achieve:


Adding Value

One of the benefits of selling a lifestyle along with a home is that people see the value and are more likely to pay a premium for it. The brand and the lifestyle should be inextricably linked in a customer’s mind, if they are, the brand is working.


Brands influence

Great branding is memorable. It may be subliminal but it sticks with us long after we’ve moved on. Branding can be the difference between making an impression on your buyer or fading into that pile of indistinguishable bricks and mortar.



Consistency between all of your marketing materials is key and, when done well, these branded touchpoints will help to drive sales. Imagine for a moment that a customer sees an email and the development logo looks wrong – maybe the colour isn’t quite right or it’s missing the drop shadow. The consistency has gone, the customer is confused, faith has been lost (and possibly a sale).


Stand out from your competitors

Branding can create an emotional connection that will attract customers. By encapsulating your unique selling points, branding can help showcase the individuality of your development to the prospective buyers.


Build trust

When done well, branding establishes an immediate sense of trust. Branding can elevate your development or company into an identity that words can’t quite capture. It may just be a feeling but it couldn’t be more important.

Don’t chance your branding to anyone less than the best. House Marketing will take time to understand you and your development. We know how to interpret a brief and create a brand that will succeed.

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