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Gone are the days of trawling through the local rag to find properties available for sale and to rent. Most people now start their search for a home online and of all the property portals, Rightmove is the market leader with 127.5 million visits each month and over 1.1 million listings. That’s a lot of people looking for property, but it’s also a lot of competition!

We work with a number of clients to better craft their listings on Rightmove and other property portals to help them stand out and maximise interest and enquiries. You not only have to make sure that people engage with your listings from the search results but you then need to entice them to make an enquiry. Here are our top tips to make the most of the opportunities that Rightmove provides.


The Price is Right

Rightmove provides a range of price bands for people searching for property on their portal. You should aim to match your pricing to one of the offered price selectors. This will mean you capture people searching both above and below that price selector thereby maximising your reach.


Insta-worthy photography

Your main photo on Rightmove has to make people want to learn more. How many times have you flicked through Rightmove to find images with a pile of dirty clothes on the bottom of the bed, grey skies, an ugly car in the foreground or a child picking their nose in the playroom. It doesn’t make you imagine your dream life living in that home.

Well staged photographs in a clutter free environment work wonders when presenting your scheme to the market. Show home photographs should be fully dressed with furniture, CGIs should be site specific or property type specific at the very least. Avoid construction photographs at all costs and keep those for your website blog updates – Rightmove is no place for them.

In addition, without repeating yourself, make sure you have a large range of photography specific for the property if possible showing a view each room and at least a front and if possible a back external view of the property. Do not send your listing live before you have photography uploaded, you will miss the huge marketing opportunity that Rightmove provides for new listings.


Your Elevator Pitch

You have 300 words on the search result area to sell the dream. Don’t repeat information that’s in the headline such as number of bedrooms and the house type or address. Use the opportunity to draw focus to key selling points and features. Keep it short and sweet without unnecessary flourishes. Using caps can help draw attention to the main selling points.


It’s Getting Old

Keep updating your listings every couple of weeks to adjust the approach and make sure you change your front photo so that people who have been looking for a couple of weeks perceive it as a fresh listing making them more likely to interact with it. If other agents are also listing your scheme, make sure that the photograph that you are showing is not the same as theirs.


Tell the Story

Once a customer is looking at your listing you need to clearly and simply explain to the customer what the property offers, any incentives and provide a brief synopsis of what the local area has to offer. The features function provides an opportunity to tell the story at a glance.  You have 10 spaces to do this and should aim to use them all. Be inventive, don’t just feature that its a 3 bedroom detached home, the viewer already knows this, try shouting out features like integrated appliances, en-suite bathrooms, boot rooms and so on. Unlike with much of your other scheme level marketing, it’s time to get specific to the property types rather than promote the scheme as a whole.


Have a Plan

Including a floor plan on the portal is essential. According to Rightmove themselves, one in five buyers will ignore a listing if there is no floor plan included. Make sure that your floor plan is clear (with dimensions if possible) and can be easily read online.


Need help with your portal listings?

We can work on your RIghtmove listings to make them stand out from the crowd. Speak to our team for a no obligation review of your marketing listings.

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